passive building construction

Passive House Construction

Passive House Construction When you step into an ancient home, you feel fresh cool air all over. Have you ever wondered, how can such houses be so cool without air conditioning? The people in those days focused on building houses that adapt to the surrounding climate. For example, in warmer climatic regions they made stepwells[…]

RAINWATER harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Techniques

Rain Water Harvesting For Kerala Homes In spite of 44 rivers and the world’s largest well density, the per capita surface and groundwater availability in our state of Kerala is lower than that of the comparatively dry states of India. Be it urban areas or villages, the issue of water scarcity is not an uncommon one. It is becoming[…]

13 tips for heat reduction in houses in Kerala

Techniques for Heat Reduction in Houses in Kerala

Heat Reduction in houses in Kerala Kerala is in the tropical region and is expected to get plenty of rains. The rains support the growth of trees and plants which are important to maintain a comfortable climate in Kerala. However, with the rapid increase in urbanization and the rains playing hide-and-seek, Kerala is moving at[…]

11 tips for eco friendly house construction in Kerala

Eco friendly house construction in Kerala : 11 pointer guide

Eco friendly house construction in Kerala: 11 Tips Eco friendly house construction in Kerala is highly in demand these days. Staying or working in an eco friendly building is preferred by the young and the old alike. But do you know how such a building is constructed? Let’s have a look.. A sustainable eco friendly house construction[…]