Building construction tips: Painting a Wall

Home Building in Kerala: Tips on Painting a Wall

In our series on building construction tips, we have already seen articles on foundationflooring, roofing, tiling and monsoon proofing. In this piece we concentrate on yet another important aspect of home building in Kerala, viz. painting of walls.

Home building in Kerala: Tips to consider while painting your walls

Walls constitute a very important part of a building. Besides providing protection and safe-sanctuary, they also beautify the structure. A well painted wall lasts long and weathers slowly. Proper choice of painting materials and its application are crucial factors in maintaining the quality and improving the lifetime of walls.

Walls are forever

There is a popular phrase that goes “the walls have ears”. They better not because the walls are to be built for strength and protection. Hence they are impregnable and serve as absolute ramparts to any monument. The wall is the outermost impression of any construction. Be it the compound wall or building wall, a lot of care has to be taken while erecting a wall. Primarily, one needs to decide on the design and structural particulars and the materials to be chosen. Proper mixing of grout, wetting the plaster and giving enough time for the wall to set in, is very important. A wise selection and execution of walling, is a must for strong and lasting structures.

Hasty construction of the wall should be avoided as it would not give the desired look and finish to the building. Here we’ll first look at the preparation to be done on the wall to be painted and then move on to the actual painting work.

Preparatory Work

All walls need a certain amount of preparation work to be done before painting.

  • A clean painting job depends on how well you prepare the surface you are going to paint. This is extremely important as no paint, however expensive or thick it might be, will cover a cracked surface in the wall.  The preparation work is equally important for ceilings as well as walls.
  • Preparatory work before painting a wallWhen it comes to painting walls in tropical climates, especially for home building in Kerala, extra care should be taken to remove mossy flakes and other residues. This can be achieved by washing with a high speed water jet. A coarse wire-brush is handy here.
  • After the cleaned wall is dry, sanding, priming and smoothing works have to be done before painting. These prep works will increase the lifespan of the wall.
  • Cracks and crevices would need to be puttied and cemented for giving added life to the brick and mortar.
  • Papering the wall gives it the smoothness and removes all the tiny pits on the surface bringing it to a sheeny perfection. This is a pre-requisite for holding paint that adheres to the surface. This adhesive bonding reduces the need for re-painting the wall in the near future.
  • Proper cleaning of the to-be-painted wall ensures a wholesome chemical bonding that is otherwise not achieved.

  • Cornices, edges and corners are the most impressive portions to the onlookers’ eye. Here also pre-painting work like chiseling, smoothing etc. are called for. They are best painted by rolling a coat of paint over them separately.
  • When using more than one colour for a room, proper usage of paper and masking tape prevents crossing over of colors and also spillage on other elements. This paper or tape can be removed after the wall is fully dry.
  • Use cotton or canvas drop cloths instead of plastic tarps and other synthetic material to protect the floors and furnishings from paint splash.
  • A wise choice of proper painting implements like sprayer, flat or round brush and roller will go a long way and make all the difference to your wall.

It is always recommended to ensure that these preparatory works are done in right earnest and with due diligence for best results.

Painting Considerations

A great deal of thought goes into the painting of a wall and several things are to be considered here.

Home building in Kerala: Tips to consider while painting a wall

A properly tinted primer will improve adhesion of the paint thereby reducing blisters and peeling off. It is a good practice to tint the primer with a small portion of the topcoat paint, so that the topcoat completely hides the primed surface.

Even though subtle, the effects of colour on our physical and psychological well-being is very significant. The choice of colour for your walls plays a great role in determining the moods of the people dwelling there. That said, it’s not appropriate to paint all the walls in your house with the same colour. Soft, cool, neutral shades may work well for your bedrooms, whereas brighter colours maybe more appropriate for your living or dining rooms.

Choice of paint for the job is determined by economy, functional utility, beauty and purpose. The vertices, edges and trims etc., are to be painted and touched separately for a refined job. Actually the trims would go first, followed by ceilings and roofs, for a superior result.

Once the paint is chosen, readying the paint is also equally important. It is advisable to mix several cans of paints to get a uniform consistency and texture. The process also eliminates the time lost for replenishment of paint and ensures homogeneity to the painted surface. With all the current technological advancements, you can make use of a paint colour mixer that matches paint almost exactly to the colour you need.

Brush marks or lap marks are the bane of any painted wall. This happens due to the improper use of brush. Please ensure that the wall is painted by rolling the brush from bottom to top in a smooth single move. Staggered application of paint in parts, say, for the bottom half and then painting the top length after a while are the main cause of lap marks. The uneven drying of paint is also a cause.

The timing of applying the second coat of paint is very significant. Please leave enough time gap between the first and second coatings, so that the absorption of paint by the surface is optimal. Apply the second coat in a direction perpendicular to the first coat to ensure uniform coating and coverage.

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