Home Security systems for your dream abode

Home Security Systems – A beginner’s guide

Do you constantly find yourself up in the middle of the night? You just couldn’t ignore that unusual noise in the neighbourhood. You often find yourself wondering if the door was locked right. Home security has become an issue of concern over the years.

You may succeed in building the house of your dreams, but you had not considered the important aspect of home security. As a result, even though your dream home is complete, you live in constant fear posed by its security concerns.

A beginner's guide to home security

Home security systems help to recognize and overcome security concerns. Hence, it relieves the owner of a great deal of stress. These systems vary widely in their characteristics.

They often help to establish the presence of trespassers, intruders or burglars, a possible fire, gas leak etc. A few popular home security systems are as follows:

Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is a home security system which detects intrusion. The alarm rings when an intruder enters the premises of the house. This technology instantly establishes the presence of an intruder and hence assists in catching him/her red handed. Some alarm systems serve a single purpose of burglary protection. On the other hand, combination systems may also provide fire protection or may have cameras enclosed in it. Also, there are alarms which use high-end technology and instantly sends messages to the owner’s mobile phone.


CCTV, also known as video surveillance, involves the use of video cameras to record video of the area to be secured. They help in identifying persons who enter the premises of your home forcefully or without permission and hence enhance home security. The recorded video is either stored in a computer or made available live on the owner’s mobile phone. Multiple CCTV systems are employed simultaneously at different locations to ensure complete (360 degrees) surveillance of the area. However you should install these systems in such a careful manner that it does not cause interference to neighbors. Wide varieties of CCTV systems are available, ranging from ones specialized to provide improved night clarity to combination systems with smoke detectors and security flashlights.

Video Door Intercom

Video Door Intercom serves as a secure modern-day replacement of the calling bell. This technology provides live video of the person outside the door. It also allows the owner to converse with the person via a microphone before letting him/her in. This helps a great deal in avoiding and sending off strangers without actually opening the door while the residents remain safe from any possible threats. A modified version of this home security system also sends the recorded images/video to the owner’s mobile phone.

Sensor Systems

A combination of various sensor systems provide excellent home security. Sensor-based home security systems Types of home security systemsinvolve the concept of placing sensors at required security points. These sensors communicate with a control panel installed in a convenient location at home. Some sensor systems employed are as follows:

  • Door Sensors: It is placed outside or at the door. It senses the presence of an intruder who tries to unlock the door. It provides a required signal to alert the owner about the same.
  • Ceiling Motion Sensors: It works throughout 24 hours and senses the presence/absence of people in the room. Depending on this data, it automatically switches the electrical equipment on or off. It also assists in establishing the presence of an intruder at night or in the absence of residents.
  • Vibration Sensors: It senses earthquakes or any other vibrations in the building which causes harm to the residents and provides an alert signal.
  • Gas Break Sensors: When the air conditioner or cooler does not work in a required manner, there is a possibility of an associated gas leak which can put the residents in danger. The gas break sensor rings an alarm in such a situation and alerts the residents. The sensor system is set to automatically operate required devices like fire extinguishers and smoke controllers in such a situation. LPG Gas Sensors work in the same manner as gas break sensors and detects LPG gas leak in the kitchen.

Application Timer

This is a timer system which switches lights and other electrical devices on or off based on set time. This technology is used in ensuring home security when the residents lock their home and leave for an extended period of time. The timer ensures that the lights are switched on and off at a set time, mimicking the presence of people in the house. The timer can also switch on appliances like television or radio according to set time. Hence, it successfully deceives any outsider or intruder. This avoids burglary to a considerable extent and enhances home security.

Nanny Cameras

Nanny Cameras commonly known as nanny cams are cameras placed in a house to keep an eye on the nanny and children. They have become a blessing for working mothers. They are often installed in strategic locations throughout the home such that a clear view of the nanny and child are obtained. The live video is made available on the parent’s mobile phone. This helps them understand how the nanny treats the baby while they are away. Nanny cams need not be restricted to nannies. You may also use them as a home security system to monitor pet-sitters and housekeepers who visit homes in the absence of owners.

A home is amongst the most precious possessions in one’s life. Hence, it is not advisable to ignore the safety of the same. A home security system is a vital requirement for any home. It plays a major role in protecting the home and its residents from any potential hazards. Selecting an apt home security system which suits the owner’s requirements as well as that of the neighbourhood is also of prime importance. Always remember that a safe home is equivalent to a happy home!








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