Construction in Kerala – Monsoon proof your home

Construction in Kerala – Monsoon proof your home

Monsoon season rejuvenates all parts of Kerala. The fresh earth smell, small puddles, overflowing rivers, blooming flowers and greenery all around makes the place beautiful. But, do you have a monsoon proof home?  Can it with stand the long haul of rainy season? Are you planning for a construction in Kerala that can withstand the monsoon?
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Whether you are building a new house in Kochi, or are already living in a recently constructed home anywhere else in Kerala; it will be unpleasant to stay in one with leaky ceiling and dampened walls. To create a pleasant habitat, you can follow some important house construction tips to ensure that your home also get rejuvenated inside out this monsoon season.

Ways to monsoon proof your home that is under construction in Kerala:

If you are constructing your house, integrating a few methods on the go will definitely prevent your house from rain damages.

  1. Inspect Roof and Ceiling:

Inspect the roof for any possible cracks in the plastering. If any, you can do water proof coating on terrace to seal it completely. For any depressions in slab, existing gaps or holes use white cement to fill it. Also, ensure that the terrace floor is leveled properly allowing smooth water flow to the drain pipes.

  1. Water proof the Walls:

Exterior walls can withstand the monsoon fury by coating it with superior quality water proof paints. Additionally, this will prevent dampness penetrating into the interior walls, retaining warmth inside the house all round the year. Remember to use a moisture meter to detect water content in walls, and fix it before painting.

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  1. Efficient Drainage system:

An efficient drainage system includes proper rain water drainage from terrace and circulation pits for the same. By providing water cutting for parapets and projecting slabs, you can direct the surplus water during monsoon to the drainage pits. You can also cut down tree branches that could pose threat of dead leaves clogging the drainage system, in the future.

  1. Electrical Wiring:

Completely seal exposed electrical wires in order to prevent short circuits. Using good quality electrical supplies ensures the least damage.

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  1. Sunshade placements:

For every opening on walls, make sure that you construct sunshades. This will prevent water from seeping in during heavy rains.

One way to ensure these checks are done by default is by opting for builders in Kochi with high integrity for your house construction. It is wise to rely on experts.

Well, what to do if you have already constructed your home and started staying in it? Monsoon proofing it is still possible.

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Ways to monsoon proof an already constructed home:

For an already constructed home, you can run through a mandatory routine check before every rainy season to maintain the ‘monsoon proof’ status.

  1. Check for cracks in the roof, sunshade and walls. If yes, do monsoon proof coating. Repaint the walls if existing wall paint is peeling off and blisters are formed, making it a breeding ground for algae and fungi. Do water proofing and painting  well in advance before the onset of monsoon.
  1. Check for blocks in drainage on terrace and sunshades. Be it dead leaves or dust or some other blockage; remove it before monsoon picks up its fury. This will help in preventing further damage and possible leakage in the future.
  1. Fix all improper electrical wiring, to prevent electric shock to your appliances and loved ones. Repair the faulty ones and install stabilizers to take on sudden blow offs due to power overload. If air conditioners are installed, ensure that the ducts don’t entertain water seepage in to the house.
  1. Ventilate the house by opening windows while it is not raining, to avoid foul smell.Also,implement proper termite control measures to prevent termite infestation during damp climate.

Your home is the place where you can unwind and relax with your loved ones. Why not put these simple checks to ensure that the happiness radiates throughout all seasons of the year? The best thing to do is to go for the best builders in Kochi who implement all these house construction tips right from the beginning. Leave your worries to them and enjoy the pleasing music of wind chimes in your veranda this monsoon season!

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