passive building construction

Passive House Construction

Passive House Construction When you step into an ancient home, you feel fresh cool air all over. Have you ever wondered, how can such houses be so cool without air conditioning? The people in those days focused on building houses that adapt to the surrounding climate. For example, in warmer climatic regions they made stepwells[…]

Types of bricks used in building construction in Kerala

12 types of Bricks used in Building Construction in Kerala

Bricks used in Building Construction in Kerala It is known that the choice of materials for partition walls is important for structural stability and acoustics in any building construction. But it is less known that the choice of materials needs to be done carefully, striking the right balance between cost, quality, resource requirements, topographic environment and[…]

13 tips for heat reduction in houses in Kerala

Techniques for Heat Reduction in Houses in Kerala

Heat Reduction in houses in Kerala Kerala is in the tropical region and is expected to get plenty of rains. The rains support the growth of trees and plants which are important to maintain a comfortable climate in Kerala. However, with the rapid increase in urbanization and the rains playing hide-and-seek, Kerala is moving at[…]

Energy efficient house construction in Kerala

12 tips for energy efficient house construction in Kerala

12 Tips for  Energy efficient house construction in Kerala When it comes to an energy efficient house construction in Kerala, implementation options seems to be never ending. Switching to solar energy as the primary power source and installation of 5-star rated energy saving equipment are just some of them. At Viya, we believe in delivering[…]

House construction in Kerala

House Construction in Kerala: What you ought to know about Electrical Wiring

House Construction in Kerala: What you ought to know about Electrical Wiring House construction in Kerala is experiencing a growth rate of 7-8%. Construction costs in Kerala escalate at 8-10 % per annum. In order to improve longevity of a house, the materials used for building services should have a life span matching the life of the structure. Civil/Structural[…]


Door designs for a contemporary home

Contemporary Door Designs to make your home unique Designer doors are becoming a hot cake over time. Here is information on the different contemporary styles of door designs.   Tips on door design selection and the uses: Size Doors come in different materials and finishes. The size of the doors depends on its purpose and[…]

Latest Trends in false ceiling designs

False ceiling designs : Latest trends

Latest Trends in False Ceiling Designs A false ceiling, also known as dropped ceiling, or suspended ceiling has become a symbol of modernity and sophistication. It is a secondary ceiling suspended below the main ceiling of the room. In this piece of writing, we look at some of the trends in false ceiling designs, the benefits[…]

Construction Tips- Wall Painting

Building construction tips: Painting a Wall

Home Building in Kerala: Tips on Painting a Wall In our series on building construction tips, we have already seen articles on foundation, flooring, roofing, tiling and monsoon proofing. In this piece we concentrate on yet another important aspect of home building in Kerala, viz. painting of walls. Walls constitute a very important part of a building. Besides[…]

10 Tips to choose builders in Kochi

10 tips to choose builders in Kochi

10 Tips to choose builders in Kochi Creating a dream home is one of the most rewarding experiences in one’s life and more often than not the choice of builders in Kochi is a major decision impacting the quality of the end product. Several things can go wrong during the course of the construction, but[…]

Building construction in Kerala:- Tips for beautiful flooring

Home Construction in Kerala: 5 Flooring Tips

Home Construction in Kerala : 5 flooring tips Building construction in Kerala is experiencing a rapid growth rate of 7-8% per annum, due to the population increase, easy availability of finances and lifestyle changes of its people. Construction scenario in Kerala is a good mix of thoughtfully planned commercial buildings, hi tech office spaces, malls, beautifully planned residential[…]