July 21, 2017

Vaastu – The Ancient Indian science of Architecture

The Science of Vaastu

Vaastu Shipla Shastra (fondly called as just Vaastu) is an ancient set of principles pertaining to all aspects of buildings and sculptures. The fundamental principle of Vaastu is that entire earth is one living organism and it is the originator of every other life form. This life force contained in earth is called ‘vastu’. Every object that manifests out of this life force is vastu itself, be it a building or a tree. And there is a support system on which every vastu resides – a plane called Vaastu.

The Science of Vaastu

Vaastu Purusha is the life energy that vibrates in every creation on mother earth. In fact, any physical form present on earth is just a formation of Vaastu Purusha. Essentially this means that there is an inherent natural rhythm and order to which all these physical forms adhere to. Vaasthu is the science that helps to build spaces that is in harmony to this natural rhythm of universe.

Buildings created by Vaasthu allows human beings to live in the built spaces happily and impart humility and love. On the other hand, when natural order is not followed in any construction, negative energies are unleashed and cause harm to the offenders.

In this series on the topic, we look at various aspects of Vaasthu including the science and philosophies behind it, the relevance to modern day constructions and the rituals followed. We also discuss the tips to follow to make a house Vastu compliant.

The Science of Vaastu


Traditionally Vaastu design is classified into the act of creation (new design), healing (correction to existing design) and extension (addition and restoration) as Srishti, Chikitsa &Vardhamana respectively.

Vastu tips for design in construction


Living in a newly built house is a really fulfilling experience. But much before the house becomes a reality, there are a few important Vaastu tips that we look for when we start planning for a home.


Tips in Vasthu for house construction


Ancient homes have prospered by the implementation of Vasthu. Traditional construction techniques incorporate passive solar designs and environment. This created well being in the built space.

Rituals in Vaastu for homes


Rituals are essentially celebrations with other forms of nature to gather life energy, for any individual. It is especially noteworthy as it links the individual to collective consciousness through natural…