Tips to choose an Architect in Kochi

Architect in Kochi – Tips to help you choose the right one

When you pick a metro city like Kochi to construct your dream home, you are commencing a great but a rather difficult job. To brilliantly build your home, precisely as you dream and to step proudly into that elegant concrete cloud nine, you need the support of an ace architect in Kochi, who can be your best friend & confidante throughout the process. Choosing an architect for a project in Kochi can often be a daunting task.

Tips to choose an architect in Kochi

With all the variables and details to keep in check, it can often be disorienting and confusing to know which architect is the best for you. This blog will help you know, how to identify such an architect in Kochi, whom you can trustfully depend for your upcoming projects.


The first and most obvious aspect to look for when contracting is the quality of the architecture in question. An architect must be able to design a building which serves its functions the best for a relatively lower cost. The building must be appealing to the masses and must have a certain ‘lovability’ to it. The architect must also be creative and have technical insight to accommodate minor details and slight variations to or within the design.

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The architect should also be accommodating or otherwise flexible in meeting the customer or client’s needs. They should be ready, expecting and able to oblige any suggestions or changes to the design that the customer desires of them. They should always place the customer’s satisfaction at a higher priority than anything else. A good architect should strive and work diligently to provide the best experience for their client that is possible.


The architect should be involved during the construction of the project. They should make time to oversee that the project is going as desired. They should make regular visits to the site of construction and supervise the how the project is progressing. A good architect should provide guidance to the contractors.  He should also make sure that the construction team fulfills the wishes of the client.

They (the architects) should be available and willing to schedule house meetings with the customers and contractors to iron out any issues or take any feedback that the customers or contractors might have. These meetings should be adaptable to fit the customers schedule and guarantee approval from them (the customers).

This makes it important that for a project in Kochi, you choose an architect who is locally available.

Tips to choose an architect in Kochi


The architect should have previous experience and should be practiced in different types of construction and contracting. They should have multiple prior successful projects to their name and satisfied clientele. They should have done work on several types of various buildings, resorts, and commercial projects and sites.


Knowledge of the craft is yet another important aspect that one should not overlook. The architect should be familiar with the intricacies and technicalities of construction and contracting. They should be well versed in different types of building materials and construction techniques. They should also be adept in identifying the practices and guidelines to be followed. In short, a good architect should have a keen sense of the most cost effective ways to progress according to the client’s desires.

Use of technology

The architects should also be able to design the blueprint and model the project in detail and perfection. They should have several blueprints from all angles to work with. And also have detailed sketches, as well as 3D in depth models to really visualize the project in an adept manner.

An good architect should have a deep understanding in technologies that help the customer visualize the finished view of the building. An architect who knows high quality 3D rendering and 3D animation can create for you three-dimensional visualizations showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design.

Knowledge of local regulations

The architect in Kochi should follow the construction and building laws of the localities they are contracting in. To do this efficiently, the architect should have knowledge of the guidelines they must follow while building to avoid illegalities. They should be ready to guide the customer and contractors on the rules and regulations that they need to follow, and the most effective methods to adapt to them.


Lastly, an architect should not strictly be bound to designing the building from the outside. Indeed, the mark of a good architect is one who would be able to do interior designing with ease and flair, and be able to help out the customer with designing the inside of their building as per the needs and desires expected of them.

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