Paving Stones or Landscaping Stones for your garden

Paving Stones For Your Picture Perfect Garden When it comes to landscaping all we can think of is “Green”. In fact, when gardeners take up a landscaping project, more often than not, plants are their only point of concern. Amidst the puzzling choice of apt flowers and grass, we often dismiss off elements like landscaping stones. To[…]

RAINWATER harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Techniques

Rain Water Harvesting For Kerala Homes In spite of 44 rivers and the world’s largest well density, the per capita surface and groundwater availability in our state of Kerala is lower than that of the comparatively dry states of India. Be it urban areas or villages, the issue of water scarcity is not an uncommon one. It is becoming[…]

fixing wallpapers - a step by step guide

Fixing wallpapers – A step by step guide

Things to know before fixing wallpapers Wallpapers are the perfect solution to decorate and beautify your walls when it comes to interior designing.  This guide will walk you through the step by step process of fixing wallpapers. To understand this, let us first see in detail the types of Wall Papers. Types of WallPapers used[…]