Piling in building construction

Piling in Building Construction

Piling in building construction It is common knowledge that the foundation of any building needs to be strong enough to bear its load. In addition to vertical loads, buildings are also subject to horizontal loads during earthquakes, heavy winds and hydrostatic pressure. In order to avoid any damage or calamity to the buildings, it is[…]

reinforced cement concrete

RCC in building construction

RCC or Reinforced Cement Concrete The layperson is quite unfamiliar with the materials in use in the field of construction. Though it is not necessary to dig into the details of all the materials used, it wouldn’t hurt to have a fair idea about the major components used in building construction. The knowledge of such[…]

Steel Structures in civil construction

Steel Structures in Civil Construction

Steel structures in Civil Construction Steel, in common parlance is an epithet for strength. So much so, ‘men of steel’ often signifies persons of resilience and physical strength. Likewise, in Steel structures lie the strength of the construction industry. What is Steel? Steel is basically an alloy of two primary elements, Iron and Carbon, with[…]

Foundation for your House Construction in Kochi

How to choose the type of foundation for your House Construction in Kochi? Probably, you own a piece of land in Kochi. And you intend to build your dream house there. But you are confused as your engineer is suggesting different types of foundations and you don’t know much about them. All you know is[…]

Cheapest Square Feet Rate: 10 reasons why it will do more harm than good

Cheapest Square Feet Rate: Should it be the primary deciding factor in house construction? Long lasting houses are constructed for generations of a family to live in and not for a few years. That should be true, considering the amount of money that a common man spends on his house. So, does the cheapest square[…]